JENNIFER GROBERG, owner & accountant

Jennifer Groberg graduated from the University of Utah with a bachelors degree in Finance. With a great passion for business and math, she decided to leave her current job with Wells Fargo to help her brothers start their own business. With a great product and their parents garage, Gel Tec was born. Within a few years Gel Tec grew from a garage to a manufacturing center employing over 20 people, distributing products around the world. Jenny continued her responsibilites as the chief financial officer, but desired more flexibility.

Jennifer started her own firm, BookSmarts Accounting and is a certified QuickBooks Pro Advisor.  Jenny's expertise lies in small business accounting, bookkeeping, QuickBooks consulting, QuickBooks training & cleanup and financial advising.

LINDSAY KIRBY, vp of operations & accountant

Lindsay Kirby graduated cum laude from Utah State University in the Spring of 2010.  Not only did she have a four year, full ride scholarship as a Utah State Presidential Scholar, but she was also awarded the USU Journalism Department Scholarship and the Lillywhite Scholarship. Additionally, Lindsay was recognized as the 2010 Broadcast Graduate of the Year.  She served as the area government president for USU and the Vice President of Advocacy for the Residence Hall Association at USU.

Lindsay has bookkeeping and accounting experience from working with BookSmarts in 2010.  However, she left to work as an insurance underwriter where she: analyzed risk, audited insurance policies, saved the company and customers money, hedged risk and worked as a liaison between insurance agents and the insurance company.

With more experience and training under her belt, we are excited welcome Lindsay back full time!