Tame the chaos of receipts, bills, and invoices. Our bookkeeping brings calm to the confusion so you can banish financial disorder.


Make sense of the money maze. Our accounting A-team guides you through the financial fog so you can see clearly.


Payday problems, no more. Our payroll pros tackle the taxing details so paycheck headaches vanish and your team gets paid properly.

Quickbooks Consulting

Lost in a QuickBooks jungle? Our accounting guides can lead you through the fog to money clarity and understanding.

BookSmarts Accounting Selected As One of Utah’s 100 Companies Championing Women!

Welcome to BookSmarts Accounting & Bookkeeping. As a pioneering powerhouse in the accounting space, We are not just any firm; we are THE authority on accounting and QuickBooks proficiency. With clients spanning from coast to coast, we’ve transformed the financial landscapes of businesses across the United States.

Our savvy team dives deep, illuminating where every dime dances, sharpening focus on profit potentials, and slashing wasteful expenditures with finesse. The result?

Our partners discover that a modest foray into top-tier accounting yields returns! Join the ranks of enlightened entrepreneurs and business owners who’ve shifted gears, entrusted their numbers to us, and reclaimed their passion—scaling their ventures to soaring heights. At BookSmarts, we’re not just about crunching numbers; we’re about crafting success stories, one ledger at a time! 

The Strategic Benefits of Outsourced Accounting

Let’s get real – accounting is complicated. All those terms like amortization and reconciliations can make your head spin! Mastering the money world takes serious schooling – it’s why accountants study for years. But book smarts are only part of the equation.

At BookSmarts, our team brings decades of real-world experience to the table. We’ve navigated the financial maze for countless businesses, and now we’re ready to guide you. Consider us your professional finance co-pilots. We’ll handle every money task with expertise – from paying bills to managing payroll. And we’ll translate complex concepts into simple insights to help your business thrive. Trust our number nerds to clarify the confusion and unlock the secrets of streamlined finances. Let BookSmarts crack the code on accounting success!

QuickBooks Platinum Pro Advisors

QuickBooks has become an almost indispensable tool to startups as well as small and medium-sized businesses. This software can make small-business bookkeeping and accounting easy for even a novice. 

Unfortunately, as great as this tool is, it is no secret that Intuit’s customer service and support have been found lacking over the years. Horror stories of users being left on hold for hours only to be told they have to pay extra for support are not uncommon.

BookSmarts is a Platinum level Pro Advisor, with years of experience with both Desktop and Online.  When you are stuck and need expertise, you can rely on BookSmarts!  We offer training and consulting to clean up your chart of accounts, reconcile your accounts, and ensure your books are clean and correct.

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