Hiring A Bookkeeper Can Benefit You Throughout The Year, Not Just At Tax Time

Founder and CEO Jenny Groberg shares powerful reasoning for why businesses should consider hiring a bookkeeper long before tax season hits​

During the onset of a particularly busy tax season, Jenny Groberg, CEO and Founder of BookSmarts, sat down with Forbes to offer some influential advice for businesses that are preparing to file. Her primary piece of advice can be implemented by businesses and individuals months, and even years, before tax season hits: hire a bookkeeper. 


While many businesses believe that it is simpler and more cost-effective to avoid this cost, Groberg emphasizes that even a single misplacement of funds or expenses can cost your company significant amounts of money. Bookkeepers are uniquely trained to help save you money and avoid dangerous mistakes year-round, while also making your tax season less of a financial AND emotional burden.

Alyssha Dairsow, executive director of BookSmarts client Curly Me!, recently remarked that hiring a bookkeeper was “definitely a hard decision”. Dairsow was nervous about the trust and financial resources involved in recruiting a bookkeeper to help her build her 501(c)(3), but ultimately recognized her organization’s need for a useful financial resource that they could rely on. “And that’s what I feel like I’ve received since I started,” Dairsow remarked. Through their bookkeeping services, BookSmarts has been able to provide Curly Me! with financial confidence as they face the future.


In this article, Jenny also recommends separating one’s business accounts to avoid confusion. She shares a harrowing example from a client who accidentally confused a payroll account for profits and ended up in a scary financial situation that threatened his entire company. Even though things didn’t look good for his business, the bookkeepers at BookSmarts were able to help him get things back on track!

If you are a business owner considering whether it’s time to hire a bookkeeper and interested in tips on finding the right one, check out the full article: https://www.forbes.com/sites/kellyphillipserb/2024/03/21/hiring-a-bookkeeper-can-benefit-you-throughout-the-year-not-just-at-tax-time/?sh=6a80598d883f

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