Woman CEO comes back from brain injury to build accounting firm

Michael Cohn, Editor-In-Chief for Accounting Today, recently sat down with Jenny to discuss the intersection between outliers in her personal narrative and the outliers of financial statements.
Jenny Groberg’s transformative experience with a traumatic brain injury (TBI) shapes her unique perspective in the accounting industry. BookSmarts, a female-powered accounting firm founded by Jenny, sets itself apart with an innovative approach to P&L audits. This approach enables Jenny’s team to excel in identifying financial abnormalities.

Jenny started BookSmarts back in 2008 so that she could effectively offer consulting and accounting services to clients near her home in Utah. Since then, BookSmarts has expanded to employ 25 women who together support hundreds of clients in their diverse financial needs.

In 2018, back when BookSmarts had 10-13 employees, Jenny was going about her usual day when a slip off the bathroom counter and a resulting TBI altered the course of her life. The menial tasks Jenny was used to tackling on a daily basis suddenly felt like mountains to climb. Performing her normal duties at BookSmarts suddenly felt impossible, and Jenny was forced to step away from her business for a time. Instead, she devoted her days to countless medical appointments and therapies in the hopes of finding relief from her constant head pain. It took years for Jenny to find the solutions that would enable her to return to work. Today, Jenny applies the tenacity learned from her TBI journey to her impactful daily work at BookSmarts.

As Jenny put it, “It’s that mentality that if I can come back from zero, I can do anything.”

The team at BookSmarts are masters at monitoring trends and identifying outliers, which they demonstrate through 3-month or 3-year P&L audits. This makes it easy for clients to address errors with plenty of time to pivot and save money.

If you are interested in learning more about Jenny Groberg, BookSmarts, and their innovative approach to audits, check out the full article:

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